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I was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana along with three siblings, and was greatly influenced by my father.  He was a very creative man who inspired me to learn as much about business as I possibly could from a very early age.  He also encouraged me to express myself through art, writing and inventing, and instilled within me the ability to not be afraid to step ‘outside of the box,’ and to focus my sights beyond the status quo.

As I look back upon my life’s journey thus far, my most important and rewarding experience and accomplishment in life has been the raising of my three children, Stephanie, Tyler and Paige.  They were wonderful children growing up and are now young adults that I am very proud of, plus, I now have an amazing grandchild that I can both love AND spoil!
Once my children were grown, I took a good look in the mirror and decided that it was time to devote some attention to my personal growth, so I elected to go back to college and attended Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, where I studied public relations on a full-time basis.  I also attended Herron School of Art & Design and the Liberal Arts school for creative writing.  Being one that possesses a desire to continue to learn, I’m expanding my skills in the luxury home market, as well as attending a University to learn about trading on the stock market, as well.

Today, I’m extremely passionate about my real estate career and the people that I work with.  I love to help my customers and clients achieve as well as exceed their desired goals, and I always strive to deliver to them more than they expect.  I attribute that mindset to my father, as I mentioned, instilling within me the importance of exceeding the status quo.  It’s the cornerstone of my business philosophy.
I’m blessed to be a part of the United Real Estate Indianapolis family, one of the most recognizable brand names.  
I am a member of Toastmasters International - Zionsville Charte.   I'm also a child advocate volunteer.

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Dear Melissa, “I can't tell you how pleased & grateful Dan & I are with your service. When we met at your Open House and explained our situation (on vacation, thinking of buying...not sure what we wanted/needed) we never would have imagined the time & dedication you showed towards us. To anyone looking for an agent that has their best interest in mind - I can't recommend Melissa Griffith enough! She is the only realtor we'd use".

- Dan & Sally Sweeten

Melissa, you have definitely earned the Triple A Award. (That's the "Absolutely Awesome Agent" Award in case you haven't figured it out yet.) Again, thank you for your efforts. We are very grateful to have found you to represent us.”

- John & Wilda Smith

Q: Who is Melissa Griffith As A Realtor? A: I see Melissa Griffith as a Realtor who is highly ambitious, willing to learn, and someone that is committed to achieve her potential in marketing residential real estate. I have observed her basically start her career over after having had success in a different market and that is something that is not easy to do. She has met that challenge head on and has engaged herself in the activities that she needs to participate in order to achieve her stated goals. I see Melisa as a creative individual who constantly looks for new ways to market herself in our community… in ways that will establish her as a luxury property specialist on the island and enhance her image as a true sales ‘professional’ on Marco Island. I also have been impressed with Melissa’s work ethic and the number of hours she invests into her business, probably more than most in our market area. And further, I’ve admired her willingness to invest her personal funds into her business as this is the one area that the ‘Eighty Percenters’ seem to fall short. She treats her business as if it is her own business, which it is… and consistently is investing in the lead generation programs, mailings, and advertising that will lead to her attaining the success that she desires… she has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Lastly, she is willing to be coached and listens to others that have achieved the level of success that she’s seeking to attain. She’s not a know it all nor does she look for shortcuts to success. She realizes that success is a journey and that it takes time to build a new career. She also is one individual that has a plan and refers to it daily in order to keep on track… something critical to anyone’s success. Add it all up and you have someone who is 1)ambitious, 2) coachable, 3) committed, 4) successful, 5) goal driven, 6) personal marketer, 7) entrepreneur, 8) professional, 9) work ethic, 10) Invests in her business, 11) hard worker, 12) patient, 13) motivated, 14) has a written plan and stays with it.

- Ken Bennett

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