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Hello friend!  Thanks so much for being here. I love that you stopped by for a visit today.  Stay as long as you like and come back anytime.  I'm here because you matter.  Your dreams of homeownership matter. I'm going to show you how you can make your dreams come true. 

I'm still under construction trying to make this the perfect place for you to relax while you learn about the market and how to make your dreams come true.

Come on, join me for a cup of Starbucks coffee, and let me show you around.  I'm sure you'll find everything you need.   For now, to get your cup of Starbucks coffee, leave your name and email address in the message box.


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Where do you start?

[Inseert video]  You start with a mortgage lender (unless you're paying for your next dream home with cash).  Do you have your own lender that you trust?  If so, you can use that one.  If not, go to the top of the web page where three are several tabs.  Click on the tab that reads, H -S.  There you should find at least three lenders.  Research them all.  Some offer different products, but they're all competitive.

Next, I'll need a pre-approval letter from them so that I know which homes to show you also, the seller wants to know that you are ready to get the ball rolling.  Most won't let us in their home without it.  If you're using cash, we need a proof of funds letter from your bank.

Don't rely on the numbers below.  Too many variables go into finding the amount you can afford which aren't listed here.  This is merely an idea, an estimate.  Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. 

What next?

Let me know when you have your pre-approval letter or proof of funds so that I can start finding your dream home.  If you have to sell your house first to buy a new one, we need to get that ball rolling, now.  Go to the top of the web page to the tabs and find the one that reads, SELLERS.  There you should get some information to at least get you started.  I'll still be with your every step of the way.  If you don't need to sell, then we need to find you a home in the BLC and schedule showings.  Go to that tab again, and click on the one for BUYERS.  It's a good idea to write down what your wants and must-haves are so that I can make it as accurate as possible of a search.  We may need to tweak it as we go.

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Melissa's Bio

Melissa started her real estate career in 1999 in Indianapolis, IN, but is now a full-time resident of Franklin Indiana, a thriving city south of Indianapolis.

While she has resided in Franklin for one year, Melissa has literally worked day and night to master the intricacies of the Franklin real estate market, its people, and its traditions

Melissa has learned over the year that while there may be other real estate professionals who have been life-long residents and have worked as realtors, or agents, for decades who have more business than they can handle, Melissa prides herself on the relationships that she has developed Melissa prides herself on the relationships that she has developed with the people with whom she works and on the tremendous amount of time and attention that she puts into every one of her transactions.

“I try to treat every customer I work with as if they were family because I want them to feel that they can place their confidence and trust in me.  They need to know that I will give their investment the highest level of attention and care that I’m capable of providing.”

Melissa’s ultimate goal and objective in her real estate career is not necessarily to be known as the #1 listing or selling associate south of Indianapolis but to be the #1 most trusted name in real estate by providing the type of results and personalized attention that should be expected when one is making an investment that could likely be one of the largest in one’s lifetime.  She has also produced a marketing concept entitled, “The Seven Secrets in Getting Your Home Sold With Little To No Hassles that any homeowner will want to hear about before putting their home on the market

Melissa has been a member of the prestigious Luxury Home Institute which specializes in the marketing of upper-tier properties, which is a passion of hers, but she puts an equal amount of energy and drive into every property that she includes in her marketing portfolio. The only way to fully understand the “Melissa Griffith Difference’ is to call her today for a confidential consultation whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a multi-million beachfront condominium or a more modest residence, Melissa is someone who you can put your trust in and confidence in, and when all is said and done don’t you feel that your next real estate transaction deserves that level of professionalism?


Text Melissa now at my office number 317-225-2736, message me here on Fakebook, or email me at melissaagriffith.ure@gmail.com

Find Your Home !


Dear Melissa, “I can't tell you how pleased & grateful Dan & I are with your service. When we met at your Open House and explained our situation (on vacation, thinking of buying...not sure what we wanted/needed) we never would have imagined the time & dedication you showed towards us. To anyone looking for an agent that has their best interest in mind - I can't recommend Melissa Griffith enough! She is the only realtor we'd use".

- Dan & Sally Sweeten

Melissa, you have definitely earned the Triple A Award. (That's the "Absolutely Awesome Agent" Award in case you haven't figured it out yet.) Again, thank you for your efforts. We are very grateful to have found you to represent us.”

- John & Wilda Smith

Q: Who is Melissa Griffith As A Realtor? A: I see Melissa Griffith as a Realtor who is highly ambitious, willing to learn, and someone that is committed to achieve her potential in marketing residential real estate. I have observed her basically start her career over after having had success in a different market and that is something that is not easy to do. She has met that challenge head on and has engaged herself in the activities that she needs to participate in order to achieve her stated goals. I see Melisa as a creative individual who constantly looks for new ways to market herself in our community… in ways that will establish her as a luxury property specialist on the island and enhance her image as a true sales ‘professional’ on Marco Island. I also have been impressed with Melissa’s work ethic and the number of hours she invests into her business, probably more than most in our market area. And further, I’ve admired her willingness to invest her personal funds into her business as this is the one area that the ‘Eighty Percenters’ seem to fall short. She treats her business as if it is her own business, which it is… and consistently is investing in the lead generation programs, mailings, and advertising that will lead to her attaining the success that she desires… she has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Lastly, she is willing to be coached and listens to others that have achieved the level of success that she’s seeking to attain. She’s not a know it all nor does she look for shortcuts to success. She realizes that success is a journey and that it takes time to build a new career. She also is one individual that has a plan and refers to it daily in order to keep on track… something critical to anyone’s success. Add it all up and you have someone who is 1)ambitious, 2) coachable, 3) committed, 4) successful, 5) goal driven, 6) personal marketer, 7) entrepreneur, 8) professional, 9) work ethic, 10) Invests in her business, 11) hard worker, 12) patient, 13) motivated, 14) has a written plan and stays with it.

- Ken Bennett

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